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Kebaikan BB Plus Collagen

BBplus drinks - lazat & berkhasiat

Collagen plays a vital part in our body. Our body is mainly structured with collagen; in fact, 25% of the body weight is collagen and 75% percent of the skin is made of collagen.

Our muscles, tendons, joints, hair, skin, nails and internal organs are supplied with collagen to function normally. 
The main function of collagen - is similar to a glue, where it holds up everything to the fullest. However, as soon as the body slows down, the supply of collagen to the different parts of the body is also affected. It can’t hold as much as it can, just like your primary years.

Needless, to say that when you have enough supply of collagen, you won’t be seeing wrinkles, skins sagging, dark spots, even skin color and the rests. Our bones can properly function as well as our joints, and we retain the youthful look.

As we age, the production of collagen also diminishes.We might have these problems..


Collagen to Fight Ageing

Collagen is a powerful long-term anti-aging protein. It improves the skin's elasticity and suppleness, reducing lines and wrinkles. Collagen produces a firmer, more even toned skin and helps to achieve a glowing radiant & more youthful complexion.
Without enough collagen & essential repairs are neglected, the disease called aging start to happen.

Without enough collagen your skin & body is old, whatever your age! No Anti-Aging system can be effective without an adequate supply of body collagen.

Weight Loss & Reducing Body Fat

Collagen, taken orally, can help the body metabolism fat, it therefore has a roll to play in both weight management and the production of lean body mass in both sports and body-building.

Collagen is used in protein synthesis with the body's energy source, fat, to produce the necessary proteins that the body needs to repair muscles, ligaments, tendons etc.
Taking collagen orally, you can stimulate your body's own collagen production.
Almost all the body's renewal and repair takes place during the first two hours of sleep.
The overall effect of the increased fat metabolisation due to the increased renewal & repair activity is a decrease in body fat.

Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Relief, Joint Health

Collagen has been shown to reduce damage to joints and stimulate significant reductions in joint pain, tenderness and swelling while improving the connective tissue of the skin.

A Harvard Medical School study on the effects of orally administered collagen for reducing inflammation and relieving pain (Dr C Searling, Fresco CA.) proved conclusively that almost 90% of those taking part had remarkable results - resulting in a changed life-style for many.

Other benefit of collagen

  • Help to strengthen hair and stimulate regrowth.
  • Nails may become stronger, white spots should disappear and the nail bed should retain a healthy colour.
  • Skin will appear less dry and elasticity is likely to improve.  Skin also heals quickly and will help in the reduction of scar tissue.
  • Helps to fade age spots on the face or back.
  • Collagen is just as important for your bones as calcium. The benefits of collagen help to strengthen bones and reduce the chance of them becoming brittle.
  • Collagen can help to relieve soreness and friction in your joints.
  • Good for your eyes. The cornea needs collagen and it will also help to keep the muscles in your eyes supple.
  • Keep your brain healthy. Glya cells supply nutrition to your brain and these are supported by collagen. It’s important to make sure your brain gets the benefits of collagen so your mind stays in good shape as you age.
Basically, collagen will be an advantage for your every part of your body. 
Collagen is simply an amazing food supplement

that helps the body's repair & renewal systems
to work more effectively

Now collagen can be easily taken in the form of drinks. 
Introducing BBplus collagen 

only 1 sachet (5g) everyday to have beautiful & youth skin

Main ingredient

Hydrolysis fish collagen, grape seed extract, vitamin C, inulin, black current juice, roselle juice, apple fiber, isomaltulose, sucralose

Why choose BBplus collagen?

  • Using fish collagen - safer types of collagen,more readily absorben by human skin than animal collagen & non-toxic.
  • Apple fiber-can help control weight gain,lower cholestrol level,lower the risk of heart disease & fight cancer.
  • Grape seed extract - is a powerful anti-oxidant, antialergenic, anti-inflammatory & boost immune that helps to fight viruses & carcinogens.

  • BBplus contains high pepside & rebuild the chain of collagen in our body.

  • BBplus is tasty & easy to prepare.
  • Affordable!
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